Life Experience Training

Gaining Skills for Life & Ministry

Life Experience Training starts as a one-month program where young people come to the IBLP and International ALERT Academy Campus in Big Sandy, TX, for a time of training and service. Participants will learn a variety of life skills in an uplifting environment, while at the same time being discipled and encouraged in their relationship with the Lord.

Learn a variety of life skills …

Participants will serve alongside IBLP staff in a variety of capacities. The skills learned will vary based on the opportunities available when a young person comes for training. Some possible skills include

Food Preparation

Property Care

Conference Logistics

Facility Maintenance

… while deepening your relationship with the Lord.

Our goal with Life Experience Training is to encourage young people to deepen their relationship with the Lord through spending time in His Word. To this end, young people will be given Scripture memoryBible study, and other assignments during their time at LET. Students will also listen to powerful messages, both live and on video. We hope that young people will come away from the Life Experience Training with not just more life skills but also with a deeper relationship with their Creator and Redeemer!

Strengthening Families

Our desire is for young people to come with the blessing of their parents to serve for a time in a positive environment that continues to build on the truths that have been instilled in their hearts. We want to continually turn the hearts of children to their parents and ultimately to the Lord.

After successful completion of the one-month training, the young people have the option of returning to the Big Sandy campus and serving for a three-month training time. Further training and times of service may open up as faithfulness in small ways in the initial two phases is demonstrated.

Who are good candidates for the Life Experience Training?

The Life Experience Training is for young people who have a desire to serve and to grow in their walk with the Lord. LET is open to both young men and young ladies ages 18+. The young men’s Life Experience Training will focus more on outdoor service such as landscaping and yard work whereas the young ladies will focus more on indoor activities like housekeeping and dining services.

Who will my children be interacting with in Life Experience Training?
Those who attend Life Experience Training will have the opportunity to interact with and work alongside the staff at the Big Sandy campus and also meet and fellowship with the staff families. Through the positive influence of Godly peers, the encouragement and wisdom of older believers, and encouraging messages and fellowship, our goal is to provide an uplifting, supervised, and safe environment for your son or daughter to learn life skills and also to be encouraged in their walk with the Lord.
How much does Life Experience Training cost?

Fees are charged to help cover lodging, food, and supervision costs for the young people while they are living on the Big Sandy Campus.

ATI Student rate:

  • Phase One (one month) $500
  • Phase Two (three months) $1200
  • Phase Three (six months) $1600

Non-ATI Student rate:

  • Phase One (one month) $700
  • Phase Two (three months) $1650
  • Phase Three (six months) $2750
What will the lodging arrangements be for the young people?
Young people will stay in dorms overseen by mature, Godly staff. Men and women will have separate dorms.
What is the LET policy on media and electronics?
In an attempt to minimize distractions and encourage spiritual growth, phase one students will need to turn in all electronic devices and other media (including books, magazines, and music) to their leader. Cell phones will be returned to allow students to call home, and occasional internet access will be provided for checking email.
How can I apply?
For more information or to obtain an application, email [email protected] or call 903-636-2000

Interested? Drop us a note!

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