ATI Students

Opportunities for Training and Ministry

Young men and women whose families are enrolled in the Advanced Training Institute are given substantial pricing discounts to a wide range of opportunities for training and ministry.

Sound Foundations

So, you’re a musician! You desire to serve God, and you’re working on building your skill set. Sound Foundations exists for musicians like you! A three-week course for musicians aged 15 and older, Sound Foundations provides excellent training in a broad variety of topics to take your music and your music ministry to the next level for the glory of God.

Life Experience Training

Life Experience Training starts as a one-month program where young people come to the IBLP and International ALERT Academy Campus in Big Sandy, TX, for a time of training and service.

Rise Up

Rise Up! is a 12-week online discipleship course for young adults. It is an opportunity to grow with a team of like-minded believers who are seeking to know God in a real and personal way and tackle the real-life relationship questions we all face.


The Air Land Emergency Resource Team is an intensive 3-phase Christian discipleship and career training program that equips young men ages 18+ to serve people in need.

Journey to the Heart

Journey to the Heart is a nine-day, casual, retreat-style setting where you’ll be given the gift of time to seek the Lord along with a team of other young people.


Quest is a four-week summer intensive for Christian young men ages 14+ that motivates them to put away childish things and choose Christlike manhood.

Student Journals

Faith, Virtue, and Knowledge Journals

ATI has designed three journals focusing on the admonition of II Peter 1:5: “And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge.” This order provided a guide for the development of the ATI curriculum.

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Commands of Christ Meditation Journal

This journal combines memorization and study with documentation and accountability. Thought-provoking questions encourage students to consider the practical relation, development, and application of Christ’s commands in their personal lives.

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