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turning the heart of your “king,” part 3 of 6

Jenny Speed shares the third in a series of six articles for wives whose husbands are unrepentant of moral failure.

[wpv-view name="series-block" slug=""] We can picture the earnest prayers of Esther, her servants, Mordecai, and all the Jewish people who took part in the fast. So much depended on the outcome of Esther’s presentation to the king, and she needed divine strength to act against the laws of the land and go to the king without a formal summons to his presence.

Praying seems simple enough. We all know we need to pray, but I want to remind you that prayer is not just talking to God—prayer is also letting God talk to you. Supplication to the Lord is a part of prayer, but you also need to allow God to speak to you and reveal His requests for you. We are to pray without ceasing as we go throughout the day attending to children and caring for everyday needs, but you still need a time to pray when you set aside all your duties and just seek the heart of God.

Have your Bible with you during these times of prayer so that if a verse comes to your mind, you can look it up and allow God to speak to you through it. Often I have found that as I sit quietly before the Lord in the spirit of prayer, thoughts come to me that I have never thought before. Many times these thoughts provide the answer to a question I have been asking.

In my life, these prayer times usually occur between 2:00 and 4:00 in the morning. For many years, I woke up in the middle of the night and became frustrated because I could not go back to sleep. Finally I made a commitment that when this happened, I would get up and go to my closet (literally my closet) and spend time in prayer seeking God’s heart. Over the years these times have become very precious. God has given me insight and wisdom that I would not have had if I had not chosen to get up when He called me to spend time seeking Him.

Let me assure you, this is not my natural bent! I love to sleep, and I usually go back to bed after I have had this time with the Lord. I am no saint who prays for hours every night! I might need to, but the truth is that I struggle like most of you with living in my flesh instead of my spirit. However, I have sought to surrender this area of my life to the Lord. As a matter of fact, I am writing this at 4:00 a.m. because I awoke and could not sleep! My first response was to head for the bottle of Tylenol® PM, but I knew God was telling me to come seek Him on how to answer this question which I hear almost every day from women who are in despair.

Paul & Jenny Speed

Paul & Jenny Speed

Paul and Jenny Speed reside in North Carolina with their six children. They have shared the concepts of openness and brokenness with hundreds of families across the United States, and the power of their testimony has prompted many to seek God’s forgiveness and cleansing. To contact Paul and Jenny with questions or comments, visit their website at www.witministries.com.

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