Serve and Appeal to Your Husband

turning the heart of your “king,” part 6 of 6
Jenny Speed shares the sixth in a series of six articles for wives whose husbands are unrepentant of moral failure.

[wpv-view name="series-block" slug=""] Esther diligently sought the Lord, and He enabled her to effectively present her appeal. You must ask God for a plan on how you can serve your “king” in order to gain his heart and present your appeal.

“If it seem good unto the king, let the king and Haman come this day unto the banquet that I have prepared for him” (Esther 5:4). It was from the place of service that Esther was able to make her appeal. As she served the king, she gained his attention. He was now ready to listen to her heart.

This area is a challenge for me. I tend to serve my children before my husband. To be honest, most of the time I am so busy that my home becomes like a self-service gas station for everyone, which isn’t good. Once again, ask the Lord what you can do to serve your husband as Esther did.

Appeal to Your Husband

Ladies: fast, pray, cry out to the Lord, surrender to Him, and serve your husband. Once you have done these things, God will give you a plan of appeal just like He gave to Esther. He granted her wisdom to know how to serve the king in order to capture his attention. She needed him to be willing to hear her appeal, to listen to her heart, and to respond in order to save her family from destruction.

What is your appeal? “Honey, we need help. Can we please seek help? I see these problems, and they are destroying our children and our marriage.”

Ask questions of your husband and his struggles, and make sure you are not hiding anything yourself. You need to tell your husband if you are seeking counsel and help, because it is wrong for you to hide anything. He needs to know that you are seeking help for your problems.

Do Not Grow Weary

The other day I spoke with a woman and told her these things, and she responded by saying, “I’ve tried all this and nothing works.” I know this woman well, and I am assured that she has tried it all, but never for more than a few days. After giving it a small chance, she’s back to her old ways of speaking to her husband with bitterness and dishonor in her voice.

Sometimes it takes time. Be willing to go through day after day and to trust God with the outcome. Ladies, God has to change us, just as He must change our husbands. We have to cry out for that change, we have to beg God to help us become women of God like Esther. He is willing to change us and to equip us in the path that we are traveling. Will we accept His truth and His grace at work in us to transform our hearts?

“He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ” (Philippians 1:6).

Paul & Jenny Speed

Paul & Jenny Speed

Paul and Jenny Speed reside in North Carolina with their six children. They have shared the concepts of openness and brokenness with hundreds of families across the United States, and the power of their testimony has prompted many to seek God’s forgiveness and cleansing. To contact Paul and Jenny with questions or comments, visit their website at

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