Living Happily Ever After

a girl’s story of finding true love

We’ve heard the tales before, those dreamy stories of Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty—all individuals who lived in a fairytale world. Their stories are enough to make us gals want to snuggle down under a warm blanket as the plot unfolds, revealing rising tension, climactic moments, and the resolution of the story. There is something in these accounts that tugs at our heartstrings, something that stirs up deeper longings lying beneath the surface of our hearts.

Searching for a Happy Ending

Remember Cinderella—the gal with the wicked stepmother and cruel stepsisters? She encounters extremely difficult times when her father dies and she becomes a slave under her own roof. With each day’s trials, Cinderella handles everything with patience and strength of character that can only leave a young listener flabbergasted! One day she meets a prince, and through a series of events, they fall in love. On their wedding day, just as they climb into the carriage to begin their life together, one of the jealous stepsisters shoots the prince with an arrow. He dies on the spot.

That’s how the story goes, right? Absolutely NOT! We all know Cinderella and her unnamed price climbed into the carriage and rode away into the sunset completely enthralled with each other… and they lived happily ever after!

A dreamy story that begins with “once upon a time” usually ends with “happily ever after.” Yet, between those wonderful words are times of tears, conflict, resolution, and laughter, and somehow it all comes out right in the end. Happy endings are programmed into all of us—it’s something that we long for and love.

Recently, I came to a point in my own life when I longed to know the end of my story. I wanted to hear those musical words of “happily ever after” pronounced for myself. Then it hit me—an inward struggle that led me to discover the Lover of my Soul, Jesus.

Battling with Doubts and Distractions

As an older single gal, I had dedicated my youth to whole-hearted service for the Lord. I knew my mission in life, and I was busy pursuing it! All my life I had passionately served without a thought to my own prince. I had made a commitment to “courtship”—to waiting on God to bring the right man into my life in His timing, and I had never struggled with my commitment—that is, until now!

Suddenly I realized that no one had ever technically asked me out…asked for my number…pursued me…or anything! Did I have a third eye on my forehead that someone forgot to tell me about? Was I so incredibly unattractive that no one would even consider me? Was there some kind of fine print on that courtship commitment sheet that I forgot to read over? Why was I waiting? Was it even worth it?

Behind my smiling face was a drama that required dealing with. Did I really trust the Lord? Honestly, no. I was afraid that He would call me to a life of singleness—or worse, give me the “leftovers” kind of guy at age 47. You know, the guy who doesn’t have a personality, terrible fashion sense, no money, an ugly car, lived in a shack, no romance, or leadership ability. Did I trust the Lord? Um, it was getting harder.

A longing for the temporal slowly crept into my heart. The world really looked like they were having a blast. I shamefully admit that I wanted the momentary pleasures of this world without considering the side affects or consequences. Questions clouded my mind: Could the Lord really supply all of my needs? Did the Lord even know that I existed? Yes, life is supposed to be about serving the Lord…but what about me and my heart?

Marriage, acceptance, love, romance, and dreams for the future had become an idol of my heart. I was living more in the future than in the present. All the while, I was missing out on the now and becoming miserable in the process!

As I admitted these concerns to the Lord, I truly expected to be zapped with lightning. But the lightning bolt never came in the form of condemnation. Instead I received a quiet, gentle reminder that there is no “daisy picking” in God’s Kingdom.There is no question as to if He loves me or if He doesn’t love me. He does love me, and He knows what is best for my life! As I realized these things, I began to see a few truths from a different perspective.

Discovering Completeness in Christ

A girl naturally longs to be pursued, loved, and cherished. Because of this, I began to recognize how the Lord Jesus Christ continually pursues my heart and demonstrates His unfailing, genuine love for me. In a day and age when counterfeit love is everywhere, only He can satisfy my deepest longings.

Incompleteness is not the result of being single, but of not being full of Jesus! If I can’t be content with the love of Jesus now, with my current circumstances and current setting in history, nothing will ever satisfy me.

So Who is this Lover of my soul?

  • On a really bad day, He spreads a rainbow across the sky. (See Genesis 9:13.)
  • He owns the cattle on a thousand hills. (See Psalm 50:10.)
  • He stores all of my tears in a bottle. (See Psalm 56:8.)
  • He knows the names of the stars. (See Psalm 147:4.)
  • He loves me with an everlasting love. (See Jeremiah 31:3.)
  • He causes the sun to rise. (See Matthew 5:45.)
  • He clothes the lilies of the field. (See Matthew 6:28–30.)
  • He knows the state of the birds of the air—He feeds them (see Matthew 6:26) and He knows when they fall to the ground. (See Matthew 10:29.)
  • He knows the number of hairs on my head. (See Matthew 10:30.)
  • He desires to be my first love. (See Revelation 2:4.)

What guy on earth can do that for me!? What guy on this earth can do that for you!? Sometimes a gal puts her life on hold, waiting for a knight in shining armor to ride into her life on a white stallion, while most guys are just looking for a suit of armor and white horse! Life doesn’t start when we walk down the aisle on our wedding day in step to the Hallelujah Chorus with the man of our dreams. Life is now—this is the abundant life!

These desires for happy endings, romance, and love are telling you of the life God created you to live. He offers to come as the Hero of your story, to rescue your heart, and to release you to live a fully alive, maximized life. Bask in His presence. Experience His saving grace. The Lord your God delights in you! Your First Love is busy preparing a place for you—a castle in the sky. (See John 14:2.) He is the Conquering Hero. He is our Prince. He loves with an “everlasting love” (see Jeremiah 31:3) and reigns supreme over the entire world. He is coming to get us… and He will be riding on a white horse! (See Revelation 19:11.) And you guessed it… we will live happily every after!

—by Gina C. Novotny

Used by permission.

Gina Novotny

Gina Novotny

Gina’s heart’s desire is to enable young people (especially young ladies) to implement their individual life purpose into a plan of action by combining available ministry, vocational skills, and academics so that they are equipped, qualified, and ready to impact the world with excellence!

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