Wisdom Searchers

E-mail Lists for ATI Mothers

Wisdom Searchers is an e-mail ministry designed to provide a way for ATI mothers to share encouragement, helpful teaching tips, insightful websites, and much more with one another.



This list is available in two formats—immediate (each e-mail comes individually) and digest (all e-mails are received in one large daily e-mail).


This is a read-only list that comes in digest format. It is a compilation of premium e-mails from the regular loop, and usually comes twice a week.


The purpose of this list is to provide an opportunity for ATI mothers to give away, sell, trade, or ask for items that they have or are needing. Home businesses may be advertised on this list.


Each list is overseen by a moderator who approves each message before passing it on to the ladies on their list. If there is a question or concern about a message, the moderator will discuss it with the author before it is posted.

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