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Wisdom Booklet Worksheets

Scripture meditation, character quality, and theme song worksheets

Students use the Wisdom Booklet worksheets to complete studies relating to the themes of each Wisdom Booklet. The foundational Scripture passage, related character quality, and selected theme song provide insights into the topics addressed in each booklet.

Beyond Wisdom Booklet assignments, use these worksheets to record any studies related to Scripture meditation, character qualities, and the history of hymns and hymn writers.

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Each Wisdom Booklet is based on a section from Matthew 5-7. Use this worksheet to document studies of the Scripture passage.

Along with the Scripture passage, each Wisdom Booklet focuses on a specific character quality. Use this sheet to record insights into the quality and its application in daily life.

A hymn is also selected that communicates the Scriptural focus of each Wisdom Booklet. Use this worksheet to record the history and meaning of the theme song.

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