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Key Resources Listings

recommended resources to supplement your Wisdom Booklet studies

The Key Resources Listings compile all the suggested book and video titles that are recommended in the projects of each Parent Guide Planner (PGP). Each listing covers eight PGPs and breaks the suggested materials into groups by PGP and Resource.

Please note that some of the items listed are available from specific publishers and link to a Web site where they may be purchased.

These listings have been prepared to offer options and recommendations for your family’s studies, so keep in mind that it is not required to use the books and videos that are listed here. Feel free to substitute these suggested materials with books you already own, recommendations from a friend, or books from your local library.

The Key Resources Listings are simply a resource to help you with planning and to provide an at-a-glance overview of suggested materials. Please see specific PGPs to determine what project a suggested book or video corresponds with.

Download Key Resources Listings

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