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Further Study Focus

expand knowledge through the Wisdom Booklets

This listing is a suggested guide for learning important high-school-level subjects from a unit study approach. It can assist parents in covering important academic subjects while studying the 54 Wisdom Booklets.

Plan Ahead

Along with your Wisdom Booklet Content Overview, this listing allows you to see an overview of what you’ll study in the next year(s). This can be helpful when you are obtaining resources or materials for your school year or planning a vacation.

Cover all the Bases

When using a unit study, such as the Wisdom Booklets, the avenues of possible learning are limitless. You’ve likely found, however, that your monthly schooling time is anything but limitless! Sometimes you might like to know that your students are covering all the bases without overlapping what they’ll study in the future.

Avoid Redundency

Although there is a multitude of possible study topics that can be pursued with every Wisdom Booklet, the Further Study Focus can help you avoid unnecessary redundancy or deficiencies by outlining comprehensive high school study.

What this Listing Covers

  • World history
  • U.S. history
  • Geography
  • U.S. Government
  • Biology
  • Earth science
  • Physical science
  • Health

Since you, the parent, know the individual strengths, weaknesses, and interests of your students, you may choose to study some of these topics at another time, abbreviate them, or skip them altogether. Traditionally, educators who cover 80% of a textbook with their students consider the course complete.

What this Listing Doesn’t Cover

  • English
  • Foreign Language
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Skills
  • Advanced Sciences (such as chemistry or physics)

The High School Language Arts page gives an overview of how students can gain high school English and literature skills using Wisdom Booklet Language Arts and other resources to complement your Wisdom Booklet study. Additionally, several courses are available through the Telos Institue. Learn more »

Further Study Focus Listing

In each revised Parent Guide Planner, one to four Further Study Focuses are listed. The listing gives an overview of these focuses in all 54 Parent Guide Planners. Select a Wisdom Booklet below or download a complete printable listing.

Wisdom Booklet 1
  • Geography and modern history of Israel and Palestine
  • Five senses
  • Endocrine system
Wisdom Booklet 2
  • Geography and modern history of the Middle East
  • Sound waves
  • National constitution
  • Respiratory system
Wisdom Booklet 3
  • History of music and art
  • Chemistry of the body
Wisdom Booklet 4
  • Groundwater system
  • Gastrointestinal system
Wisdom Booklet 5
  • History and geography of Pacific islands and Australia/Oceania
  • Botany
Wisdom Booklet 6
  • History and geography of Ireland
  • Mammals
  • Heat, temperature, thermodynamics
Wisdom Booklet 7
  • U.S. history: inventions, post-Civil War reconstruction, reforms, and social changes
  • State or provincial government
  • Musculoskeletal system
Wisdom Booklet 8
  • English Industrial Revolution, inventors, social reform
  • Properties of matter
  • Kingdoms Monera and Protista
Wisdom Booklet 9
  • History and geography of northern African countries
  • Astronomy, stars, comets, meteors, space exploration
Wisdom Booklet 10
  • History and geography of the United Kingdom
  • Ecosystem and food chain
  • Machines, friction, planes, pulleys
  • Nervous system
Wisdom Booklet 11
  • History and geography of the United Kingdom, cont.
  • Water and air movement in the atmosphere
  • Lymphatic system, immune system
Wisdom Booklet 12
  • History of Rome
  • Classification of organisms
  • Plant reproduction
  • Health and exercise
Wisdom Booklet 13
  • Ancient history of China (dynasties), Mongol empires
  • Classification of matter, models of atoms, periodic table, elements
  • Law enforcement agencies
Wisdom Booklet 14
  • Reformation
  • Chemical reactions, acids, bases, salts
  • Urinary system
Wisdom Booklet 15
  • History and geography of eastern Europe and Turkey, Byzantine Empire, Frankish Empire
  • Light
Wisdom Booklet 16
  • Medieval church, feudal monarchies, Dark Ages
  • Light, cont.
Wisdom Booklet 17
  • Geography of Europe
  • U.S. War for Independence and Declaration of Independence
Wisdom Booklet 18
  • Electricity
  • Structure and parts of cells
  • Napoleon, the Enlightenment, French Revolution, geography of France
  • Forms of government
Wisdom Booklet 19
  • Earthquakes
  • Kinematics, gravity, velocity
Wisdom Booklet 20
  • U.S. western expansion, Spanish-American War
  • Minerals and ores
  • Measurement of matter, density, mass, volume
Wisdom Booklet 21
  • History and geography of Russia, World War I
  • Structure of the earth, volcanoes, heated groundwater
  • Circulatory system
Wisdom Booklet 22
  • U.S. frontier conflicts, French and Indian War
  • Mammals
  • The brain
Wisdom Booklet 23
  • U.S. Civil War
  • Nuclear chemistry
  • U.S. Bill of Rights, amendment process
Wisdom Booklet 24
  • History and geography of Greece, Incan and Mayan civilizations
  • Endocrine system
Wisdom Booklet 25
  • History of ancient Egypt
  • Reptiles
  • Arctic and Antarctic explorations
Wisdom Booklet 26
  • History and geography of Italy, Renaissance
  • Genetics
Wisdom Booklet 27
  • Genetics, cont.
Wisdom Booklet 28
  • History and geography of Korea, Vietnam War, Korean War
  • National defense organizations and foreign policy
Wisdom Booklet 29
  • History and geography of Burma (Myanmar), Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, and Vietnam
  • Sun, earth’s motions, planets
Wisdom Booklet 30
  • U.S. history (post-World War II to present), civil rights
  • Circulatory system
Wisdom Booklet 31
  • History and geography of India
  • Invertebrates (worms), amphibians, fish
  • Lymphatic system, immune system
Wisdom Booklet 32
  • History and geography of Canada
  • Birds
Wisdom Booklet 33
  • Discovery of North and South America, early U.S. history (Columbus to Jamestown), early world trade and commerce
  • Rocks, fossils
Wisdom Booklet 34
  • National welfare program
  • Nutrition
Wisdom Booklet 35
  • Modern history and geography of Germany, World War II
  • Classification of matter, models of atoms, elements, periodic table
  • Musculoskeletal system
Wisdom Booklet 36
  • Modern history and geography of Germany, World War II, cont.
  • Air masses, wind, storms, weather
Wisdom Booklet 37
  • Gastrointestinal system
Wisdom Booklet 38
  • Insects
Wisdom Booklet 39
  • History and geography of Japan
  • Five senses
Wisdom Booklet 40
  • Magnetism, magnetic forces
  • National immigration laws, history of national flag, flag etiquette, pledge, national symbols and seals
Wisdom Booklet 41
  • Modern history and geography of China and Taiwan
  • Birds
Wisdom Booklet 42
  • U.S. Civil War
  • Endocrine system
Wisdom Booklet 43
  • Photosynthesis, cellular processes
  • Mountains, deserts, oceans, continents
  • Weathering, erosion, mass wasting, conservation
Wisdom Booklet 44
  • National court system, U.S. Supreme Court
Wisdom Booklet 45
  • Chinese and British history (1800–1900), conflicts
  • The brain
Wisdom Booklet 46
  • History and geography of southern African countries, history of slavery
  • Mammals
  • Creationism, incorrect evidence of evolution
Wisdom Booklet 47
  • History and geography of India
  • Moon, oceans, waves
  • Urinary system
Wisdom Booklet 48
  • Ecosystem and food chain
  • U.S. history (1920–1940) and geography, New Deal, Depression, Mexican/Caribbean conflicts, social/religious changes
  • Nervous system
Wisdom Booklet 49
  • History and geography of Spain, Spanish Inquisition, conquests, history and geography of South and Central America
  • Fluid pressure, hydraulics, gas laws
  • Branches of government (presidential, congressional, judicial), Constitution
  • Circulatory system
Wisdom Booklet 50
  • U.S. western expansion, Spanish-American War, Mexican War
Wisdom Booklet 51
  • Communism, history and geography of modern Russia, Cold War, fall of Communism, history of the United Nations
  • Enzymes, carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, nutrition
Wisdom Booklet 52
  • History of ancient Middle East civilizations, Alexander the Great
  • Nutrition, organic chemistry
Wisdom Booklet 53
  • Glaciers, “Ice Age”
  • History of national political party system, campaigns, elections, voting, U.S. electoral college
Wisdom Booklet 54
  • History and geography of modern Egypt
  • Kingdom Fungi

Download a Printable Further Study Focus Listing

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