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Faith, Virtue, and Knowledge

Throughout history, wise men have been greatly admired for their extensive journaling of insights, thoughts, and studies. ATI has designed three journals focusing on the admonition of II Peter 1:5: “And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge.” This order provided a guide for the development of the ATI curriculum.

In the Journal of Faith, students explore the lives of some of the greatest heroes of the faith and complete a thorough overview of the entire Bible, chronicling the lessons of faith. Buy Now »
In the Journal of Virtue, students are led through a thorough discovery of forty-nine character qualities for the purpose of personal application and development. Buy Now »
Finally, in the Journal of Knowledge, students record key applications from ATI’s core curriculum of Wisdom Booklets and do an in-depth study on analogies found in Scripture. Buy Now »

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I obtain the Journals?

 All Journals may be obtained for $7 each through the IBLP Store or by calling the IBLP Publication Orders at 800-398-1290. Journals are automatically sent to ATI families who have students who are 14 or older.

At what age should one start working on his/her journals?

Generally we recommend that they start at age 13. This recommendation is very flexible though, as some students will be ready earlier and some later. For successful completion, we recommend skills in the following areas: forming well-written paragraphs with correct spelling and punctuation, comprehending material and writing it in one’s own words, conducting accurate and thorough research on a given topic or question, and writing a well-formed essay.

It is highly recommended that parents start their children on the Journal of Knowledge as soon as possible. The Knowledge Journal requires life application summaries from each Wisdom Booklet. It is much easier to do this as the child goes through each Wisdom Booklet, rather than having to go back and recall applications from years ago.

May I work on all three journals at the same time?
Sure! However, keep in mind that the journals must be submitted to ATI in the order of Faith, Virtue, and Knowledge, or they must be submitted all together at one time.




May I receive recognition for completion of journals?
Students who complete their journals may be recognized at an annual Family Conference or a certificate of completion will be mailed to you.




What is the best way to send in the journal?
Journals can be submitted in different ways. You may submit them in written form by filling in the blanks in the journal in legible handwriting. You may also type it out on the computer (as long as it is in the same format as the actual journal) and send in the printed copy. It is also acceptable to type out the information, print it, and then paste your answers into the journal.


What is the best way to write the Insights and Applications of Faith in the Faith Journal?

Answers may be written in paragraph or bullet form. If written in paragraph form, be sure to write complete sentences. If using bullets, convey complete thoughts.

Read more suggestions relating to the Journal of Faith.

To whom should I send my journal(s) when completed?

Copies of completed journals may be sent to the following address:

ATI Journal Review
One Academy Blvd.
Big Sandy, TX 75755

Remember to include a Father’s Review Sheet when submitting a Journal of Faith.

What is a Father’s Review Sheet, and how may I obtain one?

The Father’s Review Sheet gives a father the opportunity to review and evaluate his child’s work in the Journal of Faith. If the father is not in the home, this sheet may be completed the head of the household.

Students completing the first edition of the Journal of Faith may download a PDF of the Father’s Review Sheet. Students working through the second edition will find this review sheet on pages 68–71 of the journal.

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