Curriculum Support

Helpful Resources for Home Education

Wisdom Booklet Answer Keys

Answer keys for the quizzes & projects in each Wisdom Booklet. Learn more »

Wisdom Booklet Language Arts

How-to’s, level placement advice, frequently asked questions, and ordering information. Learn more »

Faith, Virtue, Knowledge Journals

ATI has designed three journals focusing on the admonition of II Peter 1:5: “And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge.” Learn more »

Key Resources Listings

Recommended resources to supplement your Wisdom Booklet studies. Learn more »

Online Reporting

Get set up with Homeschool Reporting Online for help with keeping accurate academic records. Learn more »

Scope and Sequence Chart

An overview of educational goals as they relate to basic life roles and Biblical principles. Learn more »

Wisdom Booklet Content Overview

A tool for planning Wisdom Booklet study that provides a brief synopsis of the academic content. Learn more »

Wisdom Booklet Theme Overview

A chart listing the Scripture passages, major concepts, character qualities, related commands of Christ, and theme songs for all 54 Wisdom Booklets. Learn more »

Further Study Focus

Provides a complete listing of the further study focus points for all 54 Wisdom Booklets. Learn more »

Vocabulary Word Charts

Charts of the Wisdom Booklets’ vocabulary words with definitions and pronunciation keys. Learn more »

Wisdom Booklet Worksheets

Worksheets for completing Scripture meditation projects, character quality studies, and theme song research. Learn more »

Scripture Memory Wall Charts

Scenic posters to chart your progress in memorizing Matthew 5, 6, and 7. Learn more »

Character Quality Definitions

Download the operational definitions of 49 character qualities in a convenient one-sheet chart. Learn more »

Greek Training Resources

Downloadable worksheets and audio training sessions that supplement Wisdom Booklet Greek studies. Learn more »

Planner Marker

Create an overview of your yearly goals and schedule. Learn more »

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