Family Center

Support and Training for ATI Families

Family Events

Inspiring speakers will give practical teaching from the Word of God. Action-packed activities will be used to illustrate life lessons that young people and children will remember long afterwards. Special break-out sessions will be held to encourage fathers to be the spiritual leaders of their homes, while other workshops will be available that are designed to support mothers seeking to fulfill their callings.
Family Camp is a week-long retreat in October each year at the beautiful and scenic 2,250-acre ALERT Academy campus in Big Sandy, Texas. Your family can be assured a peaceful and relaxing week, engaging fellowship with other like-minded folks, exciting family-oriented activities, uplifting music, and powerful messages.

Online Resources

Weekly messages of encouragement and training from Bob Newhouse, Gary Fraley, and other families who are raising their children to love the Lord Jesus Christ, reason wisely based on the principles of Scripture, and give Biblical answers to the needs of our day. Available to ATI families through Embassy Media.
Gain valuable resources and insights from those who have blazed the ATI trail before you. You are not alone in this adventure! Listen and learn as you explore the ATI Training Library, available to ATI families through Embassy Media.
Helpful resources for using the Wisdom Booklets, including worksheets, wall charts, language arts, online reporting, key resources listings, and Greek studies.

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