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God’s Word, Analogies, and History’s Heroes

God has used the ATI curriculum—specifically the Wisdom Booklets—in my life to show me that He is alive and His Word does not grow old. Knowing that God’s Word is current and active has strengthened my walk with God and given me greater purpose in learning and retaining knowledge.

One of the biggest ways that the Wisdom Booklets have challenged me is in the area of learning to think in analogies. Because the Wisdom Booklets were set up in a way that dared me to think in sequences and relationships, my understanding of the world around me—relationships with family, purpose for education, having something to believe in and being willing to stand for it—was expanded.

Wisdom Booklets also increased my capacity for seeing how God’s Word applies to all of life. My heroes became the Godly men and women brought to life in the History Resources. My desire to understand disciplines such as higher math and the sciences was increased, because I understood that size and space, numbers, organization, and finite vs. infinite were related to me being made in the image of God. They became concepts that revealed more of God’s nature to me.

—Alicia Carman, Wilmore, Kentucky

Developing Friendships Within the Family

One of the greatest blessings of our family’s use of the ATI Wisdom Booklets came through the unit study approach to education, because my brothers and I learned to function as a team studying together. We didn’t implement the age segregation that is prevalent in traditional curriculums today, which subconsciously divides the home. We studied, went on field trips, laughed, and struggled all together. This focus on the home and family unity resulted in my being able to truly say that my brothers are my best friends. I’m grateful that my parents chose to make family unity a priority in our education!

—Woody Robertson, San Antonio, Texas

Keeping Learning In Line With Scripture

My focus was shaped by my educational background in the Wisdom Booklets. The very fact that the Scriptures were incorporated into the learning process has helped me, even as I have studied in the medical field. I have learned that I must measure my learning according to the “plumb line” of the Scriptures—that is my safeguard against dangerous false philosophies. Also, I love how the Wisdom Booklet material points out beautiful analogies in common things. These insights helped to open my eyes, even in my studies in nursing, to see the fingerprints of God at work and find precious analogies in science.

—Katy Bielinski, Bloomington, Minnesota

Fostering Creativity and Freedom

My philosophy of life was formed by the methods of learning used in the Wisdom Booklets and ATI training programs, and I learned to think outside the box. I was given the freedom to express myself creatively, resulting in a confidence to try out new ideas.

Every day I bring to my job the view of life and ministry that was developed by involvement in the ATI program—studies in the Wisdom Booklets, the Journal of Faith, training conferences, and more. The methods of the ATI program shaped my outlook on life, and now I see the world as something more free and unrestricted, where anything good is possible.

—Luke Kallberg, Westmont, Illinois

Discerning Truth and Error

As I look back at my education through the ATI Wisdom Booklets, I’m extremely grateful for what I learned. Because the Wisdom Booklets look at how academic subjects relate to Scripture, there was never a “disconnect” between “secular” subjects and spiritual truth. I pursued academic knowledge with an understanding that truth begins with God’s Word and all other philosophies are true or false based on whether or not they line up with Biblical truth.

As I have pursued ministry opportunities and further studies, this foundation has been vital. We are surrounded by a society that says that anything goes. Learning to discern between truth and error is essential for living a life that is honoring to God and influencing the lives of those around us.

I also learned the importance of serving others, and this led to four years of working in full-time ministry instead of immediately pursuing college studies. Through my time of ministry, I was able to participate in many different opportunities which helped me discover more of my areas of interest. God used this pathway to provide direction for future studies and areas of ministry that I probably would never have discovered otherwise!

—Megan McGregor, Independence, Missouri

“Christ Is All, And In All”

The approach that the Wisdom Booklets have taken in relating a good range of subjects to Scripture has laid the foundation for me to compare everyday life to the Scriptures, seeing God’s hand in nature, circumstances, history, and even simple math equations. “Christ is all, and in all” (Colossians 3:11). ATI’s approach to education has shed some insight into this verse, and I’m grateful to have been taught in this way.

—Vanessa Pallock, Hinsdale, Illinois

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