Becoming “Mighty in Spirit”

The Ultimate Goal for Sons and Daughters

What Does It Mean to Be “Mighty in Spirit”?

To be mighty in Spirit is to know God intimately and to experience the power of the Lord Jesus Christ in daily victory over the power of sin. It is being mighty in the Scriptures for daily decisions and giving wise counsel. It is being effective with the power of prayer to accomplish the will of God and advance His Kingdom. It is having the following qualities:

  • Great Faith: Acting on the Scriptural direction that God gives to us as we seek Him with our whole heart.
  • Genuine Love: First dying to selfish desires, and then sacrificially investing in the lives of others.
  • Practical Creativity: Recognizing how to overcome obstacles in meeting needs and accomplishing goals.
  • Mature Wisdom: Knowing the ways of God and following them in fulfilling personal responsibilities.
  • Keen Discernment: Distinguishing between right and wrong and recognizing the motives of other people.
  • Joyful Enthusiasm: Responding to others as an energy-giver through a warm smile and encouraging words and actions.

How Do We Become Mighty In Spirit?

We become mighty in Spirit by understanding Biblical principles and embracing the Lordship of Jesus Christ, which leads to Scriptural disciplines and standards that are the practical outworkings of love. These disciplines include the following areas:

  • Rising Early: Meeting with the Lord for fellowship and spiritual growth. Jesus rose “a great while before day” (Mark 1:35).
  • Reading Scripture: Seeking personal cleansing, instruction, and encouragement through Biblical rhemas.
  • Memorization and Meditation: Jesus promised that if we live our lives in Him, and His words (rhemas) live in our hearts, our requests will be granted. (See John 15:7.)
  • Fervent Prayer: Through fervent prayer, God has promised to make great power available. (See James 5:16.)
  • Periodic Fasting: This discipline increases spiritual alertness and causes darkness to be as the noon day light. (See Isaiah 58:6-14.)
  • Generous Giving: Sharing God’s gifts with others produces a brightness of spirit and countenance, because one reflects God’s nature of generousity.

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