Tuition and Benefits

Materials and Services Provided

The annual ATI tuition provides families with curriculum, newsletters, training, support for all members of the family, regional events, and access to worldwide ministry opportunities for students and families.

ATI Preliminary—First Year

Application Fee: $25 (one-time fee)

Admissions Training Videos: Upon enrollment, families receive access to a series of training videos on Embassy Media. See training topics >>

Family Tuition: $675 covers Wisdom Booklet curriculum, family support services, and offsets a portion of the training conference and student opportunity fees as well as administrative and program development costs.

Your first year materials will include the following:

ATI Annual Update—Subsequent Years

Family Tuition: $150 annual ATI family enrollment + $80 for each student receiving Wisdom Booklets. Larger families will not need to pay more than a total of $630.
  • $150 annual enrollment covers family support services, reduced Family Conference pricing, special Journey to the Heart pricing, and offsets administrative and program development costs.
  • Students may receive eight Wisdom Booklets per year for $80.
  • Families with students receiving Wisdom Booklets will also receive eight Parent Guide Planners

Additional Resources

There is an array of publications available through IBLP and ATI to complement your new approach to home education. A few recommendations are listed below:

Visit the IBLP Online Store for more information on valuable resources.

View Information Booklet

Learn about the goals of the program and to see a brief overview of the curriculum.

Preview Curriculum

View sample pages from a Wisdom Booklet and Parent Guide Planner.

Download Application

Start your enrollment process today by downloading the application.

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