The Curriculum

Learning to See Life from God’s Perspective

ATI training begins with Scripture and combines valuable academic information with character training and Biblical life principles. Each Wisdom Booklet is a unit study that amplifies a section of Christ’s Sermon on the Mount through practical instruction in linguistics, history, science, law, and medicine.

Wisdom Quizzes reveal natural inclinations and sharpen thinking about the foundational truths of the Scripture passages.

Wisdom Worksheets introduce the academic information found in each of the Wisdom Booklet Resources.

Scripture is the main textbook for building all of life, including education, on Christ.

Resources go beyond the “facts and figures” teaching method by relating facts to principles. This trains families to think logically and to apply God’s principles to other areas of life.

Parent Guide Planners give ideas and projects that can expand learning based on individual needs.


Wisdom Booklets


Sermon on the Mount



Studies in linguistics include the original meanings of Hebrew and Greek words, as well as vocabulary, etymologies, and applications of English words.


Students learn about history, archaeology, geography, and fine arts through life stories of historical figures.


Concepts in astronomy, geology, chemistry, physics, biology, and mathematics are expounded in Science Resources.


Law Resources emphasize Biblical foundations of government, economics, and logic.


Medicine Resources include training in nutrition, physiology, behavior, and counseling.

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Download a sample copy of Wisdom Booklet 4.

Wisdom Booklet 4 Sample

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