A Daisy Journey

discovering the security of complete surrender

Isn’t it remarkable how often God uses little things in life to teach us major lessons? I was attending the Eternal Impact Summit in the Northwoods. We had some free time on Thursday afternoon, so I went for a hike.

I brought along my Bible, wanting to spend some time reading and just getting alone with God. As I trekked, I noticed a cute little daisy in my path, so I plucked it (to have a buddy) and kept going. Presently I came upon a rather long, wide lake and decided to sit down a while. The spot was very secluded and slightly recessed from the main lake, but it offered a beautiful view. The day was idyllic—the water was like glass, the fall colors were gorgeous, everything was quiet and still. I was enjoying the scene immensely, with the daisy twisting and twirling in my hand.

There were some specific things going on in my life where I needed direction, so I started praying. After a bit, the focus shifted to just talking to God about my future in general. My prayer was interrupted with an idea to read the first chapter of Colossians, which emphasizes the preeminence of Christ in all of life. Right in the middle of all that soul stuff, something peculiar happened—the Spirit of God impressed me to give Him control of my future. I’d done that before, but the thought this time was, “Can you trust Me to take care of all the details and out workings of life? Aren’t I God?”

So with a full heart (and, I must confess, a degree or two of uncertainty), I acknowledged the need and once again I surrendered my entire life to the Lord for His purposes. Just then I realized the daisy was still twirling, but it was now bent and fairly crushed and not of much use to me anymore. So instead of hanging onto it, I chucked it in the lake to symbolize the decision I’d just made. I really thought it would sink right away, but no … it landed with the stem straight up in the air and the petals facedown on the water, and just floated around in its little nook. Ripples pushed out from the flower, but that cute little daisy stayed nearly in the same place on the lake.

Then I started thinking. Those little waves went far beyond where the daisy could go. For all I know, they may have kept going till they reached the opposite side of that wide lake. I could see the ripples spread far and wide, and I wondered how deep they went. Then the meaning hit me. It was as if God said, “The waves from your life affect more than you can see or understand. Your direct influence may not extend past your little side of the lake, but the ripples are far-reaching. If you throw yourself on Me like that daisy was hurled on the lake, I can do much more with your life than if you held onto it.

So for me (and the daisy), the future is secure in Him, although it’s impossible to predict everything it will hold. The same is true with your life. Let this story challenge you to trust the Maker and Master of the waves. The ripples you are making and will make in this world are activated by the very Water of Life, and you may not realize their impact till eternity. Give yourself to Him. And don’t neglect this aspect either: “Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you” (1 Peter 5:7).

Ask the Lord to fling you upon the waters of this world so that the ripples of your life will go deep and wide and create great waves at the shoreline of His kingdom. May He do this miracle in us and through us for His glory!

—Jared Yates

Used by permission.

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