Is God's Word the foundation for your family's education?

Support and Training for ATI Families

Family Conferences

Gather with other families for an encouraging week of practical teaching from the Word of God and action-packed activities for youth.

ATI Family Weekly

Weekly messages of encouragement and training from Bob Newhouse, Gary Fraley, and others.

ATI Training Library

Gain valuable resources and insights from those who have blazed the ATI trail before you. You are not alone in this adventure!

Curriculum Support

Access helpful resources for structuring your children’s education around the Word of God.

Family Connections

Connect with other families in your area as you join in an encouraging time of fellowship with the traveling ATI team.

Student Opportunities

for Training and Ministry
Young men and women whose families are enrolled in the Advanced Training Institute are given substantial pricing discounts to a wide range of opportunities for training and ministry.
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From the Blog

Mapping Out a Plan for High School Study

Mapping Out a Plan for High School Study

Utilize Further Study Focuses When using a unit study, such as the Wisdom Booklets, the avenues of possible learning are limitless. You’ve likely found, however, that your monthly schooling time is anything but limitless! Multiple project choices may be intriguing,...

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Five Life Roles

Five Life Roles

There are five basic roles in life that each person can fulfill or help others fulfill. The ATI program seeks to assist parents in training sons and daughters to be successful in each of these areas.

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